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    The history of our gong fu family


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    The history of our gong fu family

    Post  FARR on Fri Jan 08, 2010 1:39 pm

    Wang Hong Jun was born into an old and well-known Wushu family. His grandfather Wang Tong Geng was the master of the Wushu world. During the war of resistance against Japan (1937-1945), Wang Tong Geng fought on behalf of the Chinese people in Kaifeng, Henan province many times with the master Wushu player of Japan and won every time in the many challenges. Moreover, he won honour for the Chinese people by his perfect Gong Fu. In his Gong Fu shows, he would allow a horse to kick him in his crotch. In view of these things, his name has been recorded in the historical Gong Fu chronicles of the Chinese Wushu world.

    Wang Hong Jun has carried on the Gong Fu skills that were thought to have been lost for the last 300 years. This unique Gong Fu and Wushu skill was imparted to his first disciple Li Jing Liang (or Li Liang) and his (eldest) son Wang Xiao Feng. Li Jing Liang has also followed, under the direction of Wang Hong Jun, Qiu Ji Zhong by studying Tong Bei Quan Gong Fu that was specially used for protecting the Emperors during the Qing Dynasty.

    After the Qing Dynasty was destroyed, Tong Bei Quan Gong Fu spread among the common people as the bodyguards of the imperial palace were living vagrant lives. To this day, there are only a few people who truly know Tong Bei Quan Gong Fu. Qiu Ji Zhong’s teacher was Sha Guo Zheng, Sha Guo Zheng’s teacher was Xiu Jiang Chi who died in his late 90’s, and Xiu Jiang Chi’s teacher was a senior bodyguard at the imperial palace. Meanwhile, Qiu Ji Zhong imparts his knowledge of Tong Bei Quan Gong Fu to Li Jing Liang, Wang Xiao Feng and you Mike. So in fact, Wang Hong Jun’s Gong Fu and Mr Qiu’s Gong Fu are “two combined into one”.

    Mike, you are the only foreigner ever to be accepted into the Wang family and you are indeed lucky to be studying Si Mian Ba Fang Tong Bei Quan Gong Fu.

    Wang Hong Jun.
    Qiu Ji Zhong.
    Li Jing Liang.
    Wang Xiao Feng.

    October 1999.

    "I have a particular set of skills, aquired over many years, which makes me a nightmare for people like you!"

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